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QC System

The Sun Corp

First Stage:

Pre-Production Inspection : Once the order is confirmed by the customer, we visit the factory to prepare a pre-production report for Customer’s approval.

We prefer that at this visit factory get ready 2 pieces of each item as per Purchase Order instruction. Some time we have to use showroom samples. In case of expensive & large size items we can inspect just 1 sample piece only & can keep smaller swatches for finish & color approval.

If required we arrange to send samples/swatches to the customer for approval and after customer’s approval on report or samples we sign off our counter piece for the reference during production and further inspection.

At this inspection stage we check quality issues such as Designm Dimension, Finishing, Balance, heat/water Effects, Functioning of Products, Feasibility of Packaging & other instructions mentioned in the purchase order.

If required send to External Lab for the testing as like :

Electrical Certifications as per customer’s specifications and country’s standard norms.

Fabric, Textiles & Garments – Wash care instructions as agreed

Food safety for serving & kitchen items, specially when any paint & plating applied.

Second Stage:

Online Inspection: It is a regular activity after production samples are approved and about 50% of the PO items are produced. This is to keep every one updated with the time line of the production and if any issue arises.

Third Stage:

Final Inspection: Starts from projected exfactory date & till final dispatch of the goods to keep close watch of finishing, functioning, packaging & labeling.

“Starts from Quality Control of Samples and until Delivery of goods”

“Ensuring you receive the products what you see as sample”

What we check ?

  • Functioning test of all products including but not limited to the Electrical Lamps, Furniture & Servings.
  •  Effect of sunlight, heat, water on the color & finishing of the products.
  •  Ensuring correct chemicals, lacquer & process is used for food safe product.
  •  Ensuring correct wiring & certified components are used for electrical lamps.
  •  Table balance for the items made to put on table.
  •  Floor balance for the items made to stand on floor.
  •  Shape of the items, confirmation of finishing and Coloring.
  •  Knot Down Packaging & Online Retail Packaging feasibility.
  •  Pealing, Threading, Shaping of textiles.
  •  Scratches proofing for those items having sharp comers undemeath by attaching rubber, felt, etc.
  •  Effects of water on those made for outdoor or to contain water, i.e water proofing & anti-rust treatment.
  •  Effect of heat on those made for Electrical lights & Candles.
  •  Strength of the joints, welding, Components
  •  Checking Wash care, Tags, Bar Codes, inner & Master labels as per customer’s instructions.