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Welcome To The Sun Corporation

Over 2 decades, The Sun Corporation has been into the trade of Providing Business Management Services to the foreign customers. A business managed by husband & wife with the help of dedicated and honestly employees at the work, we are a team with handsome experience in the manufacturing industry, everyone of us is skilled in his own product category, hence we understand the technical challenges at the manufacturing and are able to assist to find out solutions to reach the Costing, Quality, Design and Production Lead time.

Disclaimer : *Please note that all products’ images shown on this website are provided by some of the factories in India, the purpose to show here is to promote export of made in India and bring business to the Indian factories. The Products or Images may belong to some of factories in India or any Importers / Brands Internationally but there is no intention to harm any business or bypass any copy right act, hence if anyone found any objection please write to sales@thesuncorp.net to discuss and remove that particular product or image if needed so.

There shall be any claim against The Sun Corporation India in case any image or product found exclusive to any factory or business in India or overseas.*

Material we have been dealing into various kind of material including of: 

  • Different types of Metals like; Brass, Aluminium, Iron, Copper.
  • Various kind of Ethically Sourced Seasoned Wood.
  • More of Natural Resources like; Jute, Cane, Rattan, Jute, Sea Grass.
  • Ethical Sourced Leather, Horn & Bone.
  • Recycles Glass and Borocil Glass.
  • Various types of Indian and Imported Marble, Stone like; Makrana, Baswara, Slate, Alabaster, Travertine and Semi-Precious Stones.
  • Terracotta & Ceramic.


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  • Owner’s personal experience working in a factory.
  • Owner’s direct involvement everyday activities and all stages.

Quality Control team resident in main industrial towns like; Moradabad & Jodhpur to speed up the entire process of products development & production, faster updates, reporting to the customers.