Floor Lamps * Table Lamps * Desk Lamps * Wall Lights * Picture Lights * Chandeliers * Pendant Lights

The Lamps Shown here are just for examples of what categories we are doing but you always contact us to discuss the requirements. We are currently doing Electrical fitting lamps for UKCA, CE, AUSTRALIA and New Zealand, however can do UL Lamps as well.

Materials: (used individually and combination)

  • Metal Lamps (Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Iron)
  • Natural Material Base Lamps (Wood, Sea Grass, Cane, Rattan, Bamboo)
  • Recycled and Borocil Quality Glass
  • Natural Stones & Marbles (Indian & Imported) including of Baswara, Makrana, Travertine, Alabaster etc
  • Terracotta, Cement, Clay, Ceramic and Paper Mache
  • Fabrics (variety of fabrics used for Lamps and Shades)

    Styles & Types:

    • Contemporary Styles
    • Industrial Styles
    • Vintage Styles
    • Hand Painted Style