What We Do

Vendor/ Supplier Judgment

Since, our prime concern is sourcing best quality products that suit the specific requirements of the clients; we do not compromise at any stage — right from sourcing the finest raw material to fabrication, finishing and packaging stages. To achieve this goal, the policy of our vendor evaluation is structured as per below protocols.

  • Supplier must be well experienced & has a standing in the market.
  • Supplier must have a specialization in specific product line.
  • Supplier must have a in-house facility of manufacturing.
  • Supplier must have a facility of different finishes.
  • Supplier must be prompt, punctual & hard working.
  • Supplier must be able to supply different quantities. More or Less.
  • Supplier must not be over loaded with the work.
  • Merchant exporters are not entertained as they always offer higher prices & late shipments

Product Development

As being a proper localized citizen we can reach to every nook of the Indian markets to provide our client exact source that can develop specific design. Our team is spread in all the major cities of India from where we are sourcing the handcrafted products i.e. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Nagina, Hatras, Saharanpur, Roorkee, Sambhal, Moradabad, Khurja, Aligarh, Purdil Nager etc. The complete trade related formalities such as handling samples, approvals, purchase orders etc. are efficiently take care by our devoted professionals.

Great Pricing

Development is just converting the Ideas & Inspirations into products according to utility, possibility & availability in the best of its form. Therefore the optimum price structure is the main global concern these days and it should be as optimum as the markets are conglomerating with each other. We are considering this fact, therefore formulated a transparent pricing mechanism to facilitate our Overseas Clients. We take following measures to provide the best price to our clients .

  • We keep an eye on the hike & downfall of raw materials.
  • We advise our vendors to get raw materials directly from mills to cut short unwanted commissions.
  • We use to source the product mostly from the OEM suppliers.
  • We compel our Suppliers to work on minimum profit margins without compromising with quality.
  • We always prefer to use advance technology to lower down manufacturing cost.
  • We prefer to work with medium size companies. As they always serve better prices.
  • We advise our Clients to accept CNF prices because it is cheaper to ship from India.
  • We advise our clients not to use their prepaid courier instead is far cheaper to pay here in India
  • We take every step to cut short all the bills as we are “BUYER’S AGENT”

Quality Control

We are buying agent and as per our company policy “Quality is our priority”. This attitude has enabled us to achieve a high level of customer appreciation that creates goodwill for us in the market. “Quality is not a coincidence rather it’s a result of experience & hardworking.” Quality is the main concern for the development of products which leads to global trust. We regularly conduct inspections for the merchandise in production. Usually we perform three sets of inspections in whole production tenure which are further described as below..

Inline Inspection:
Two Inline inspections will be done; First during the selection of raw material next during the first lot of fabrication to check the sizes, shape, weight and other technical facts which may be applied.

Midline Inspection:
This inspection is done to make sure that everything is going on the right track from raw to finished stage. Here we check the finished quality of goods and advice the vendor regarding the packing instructions. We also conduct drop test at this stage to confirm the correct use of corrugated material.

Final Inspection:
This is a kind of a final examination for the vendor where we check everything from head to toe; We start with Master Labeling – Inner Labeling – Product Labeling – Packaging – Quality of Goods. Then we provide them a sort of certificate via which they will be able to dispatch their goods.

We would also like to add that the entire Inspection certificates will be shared with the client within the same day of inspection by vendor & by us to check the genuinity & authenticity along with the results of inspections.

Consolidation, Warehousing & Shipping

Absolute sourcing is a result of eminence in pre-production, production and post-production activities. Efficiently managed shipment consolidation & tracking not only ensures timely delivery, but also significant cost savings for our overseas clients.

We negotiate and coordinate all freight movement-whether via ocean, air, rail or truck. In this way, we ensure your product reaches on time to your designated delivery point at the best possible cost no matters LCL or FCL load.

We also provide warehousing facility to our small scale clients/retailers. We collect their purchases from different factories, store them at our warehouse, & ship them together in containers or as per the requirements of our clients. For the buyers, substantial savings are affected through consolidating all their purchases in one shipment rather than several smaller fragmented shipments.