Great Pricing

Development is just converting the Ideas & Inspirations into products according to utility, possibility & availability in the best of its form. Therefore the optimum price structure is the main global concern these days and it should be as optimum as the markets are conglomerating with each other. We are considering this fact, therefore formulated a transparent pricing mechanism to facilitate our Overseas Clients. We take following measures to provide the best price to our clients .

  • We keep an eye on the hike & downfall of raw materials.
  • We advise our vendors to get raw materials directly from mills to cut short unwanted commissions.
  • We use to source the product mostly from the OEM suppliers.
  • We compel our Suppliers to work on minimum profit margins without compromising with quality.
  • We always prefer to use advance technology to lower down manufacturing cost.
  • We prefer to work with medium size companies. As they always serve better prices.
  • We advise our Clients to accept CNF prices because it is cheaper to ship from India.
  • We advise our clients not to use their prepaid courier instead is far cheaper to pay here in India
  • We take every step to cut short all the bills as we are “BUYER’S AGENT”