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About us

A little Progress Every Day…
Adds Up to Big Results

After completing his post graduation in management followed by an exhaustive experience in production & management levels with a leading metal handicraft organization, our director started the sun corporation aimed at providing assistance to international customers for procuring & importing products from India.

We are armed with a team of professionals with a handsome manufacturing industry experience and for over a decade have providing dedicated top notch services to ensure the 3R’s, Right Product, Right Packaging & Right Time.

Why Us?

  • The Management is Professionally Qualified & Well Experienced in their respective product Areas.
  • The Management Supervise Each & Every Communication and Grossly Involved in all Stages of Production.
  • We have Quality Controllers Resident in Industrial towns Moradabad, Jodhpur,Karur & Delhi and from here Cover Other cities like Panipat, jaipur, Agra, Firozabad, Varanasi, and kanpur.
  • Our Quality Controllers are Enabled with lates Technology ( laptops, Cameras, mobile & Internet device ) So that they can immediately Report their Concerns, Discrepancies about Production and Solve the Problems asap.