Quality Control

Inline Inspection:

Two Inline inspections will be done; First during the selection of raw material next during the first lot of fabrication to check the sizes, shape, weight and other technical facts which may be applied.

Midline Inspection:
This inspection is done to make sure that everything is going on the right track from raw to finished stage. Here we check the finished quality of goods and advice the vendor regarding the packing instructions. We also conduct drop test at this stage to confirm the correct use of corrugated material.

Final Inspection:
This is a kind of a final examination for the vendor where we check everything from head to toe; We start with Master Labeling – Inner Labeling – Product Labeling – Packaging – Quality of Goods. Then we provide them a sort of certificate via which they will be able to dispatch their goods.

We would also like to add that the entire Inspection certificates will be shared with the client within the same day of inspection by vendor & by us to check the genuinity & authenticity along with the results of inspections.