Glass ware Products :-These days Indian Glass Industry offers a wide range of glass products made with traditional mouth blowing art, factories are capable to offer green glass, recycled glass and at the same time very fine Borocil Glass Quality.

Adding to the range glass combination items are very much in fashion these days like combing metal, wood, natural materials

  • Glass Table serving products, Cake Plates, Dinner Plates, Bowls
  • Glass Kitchen Jars, Decanters, Drinking Glasses, Pitchers, Wine Glasses
  • Glass Doorknobs, Hook knobs
  • Glass Tabletop products decoration items
  • Glass Seasonal & Festival Giftware, Décor Item
  • Glass Bathroom Accessories
  • Glass Table Lamps, Chandeliers, Pendant Lights
  • Glass Candle Holders, T-Lites, Lanterns, Candle Hurricanes, Votives
  • Glass Garden Décor items, Garden décor Animals and Garden Sticks with combination of Metal
  • Glass Home Décor Items, Glass Vases, Glass Perfume Bottles